Sportsworld Crossing

Tuesday Schedule

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Date Time AwayTeam AwayScore HomeTeam HomeScore
Games at Sportsworld Twin Pad & Activa Sportsplex
Tuesday Sept 10 7:15PM Devils 3 Healthy Scratches 3
8:00PM Gators 1 Victorious Secret 4
8:15PM Dirty Mike & The Boys 5 Melloul Blamey Nailers 3
9:00PM Mavericks 2 Ghost Busters 4
9:15PM HK Thunder 3 Book Hockey 6
10:00PM Orbex HC 3 Grocery Sticks 3
10:15PM Brew Jays 5 Here 4 Beer 1
11:00PM Molson Canadians 5 The Has Beens 3
Activa Sportsplex 10:15PM Busch Lites 5 Long Horns 6
11:15PM Unhealthy Scratches 4 Chiefs 4
Tuesday Sept 17 7:15PM Chiefs Long Horns
8:00PM Here 4 Beer Unhealthy Scratches
8:15PM The Has Beens Busch Lites
9:00PM Book Hockey Brew Jays
9:15PM Ghost Busters Orbex HC
10:00PM Grocery Sticks HK Thunder
10:15PM Gators Dirty Mike & The Boys
11:00PM Melloul Blamey Nailers Mavericks
Activa Sportsplex 10:15PM Healthy Scratches Molson Canadians
11:15PM Victorious Secret Devils
Tuesday Sept 24 7:15PM HK Thunder Orbex HC
8:00PM Mavericks Grocery Sticks
8:15PM Molson Canadiens Brew Jays
9:00PM Long Horns Unhealthy Scratches
9:15PM Victorious Secret Healthy Scratches
10:00PM Melloul Blamey Nailers The Has Beens
10:15PM Devils Busch Lites
11:00PM Ghost Busters Chiefs
Activa Sportsplex 10:15PM Dirty Mike & The Boys Book Hockey
11:15PM Here 4 Beer Gators
Tuesday Oct 1 7:15PM Molson Canadians Dirty Mike & The Boys
8:00PM Grocery Sticks Melloul Blamey Nailers
8:15PM Chiefs Gators
9:00PM Busch Lites Here 4 Beer
9:15PM The Has Beens Devils
10:00PM Long Horns Ghost Busters
10:15PM Unhealthy Scratches Victorious Secret
11:00PM Book Hockey Healthy Scratches
Activa Sportsplex 10:15PM Orbex HC Mavericks
11:15PM Brew Jays HK Thunder