Sportsworld Crossing

Thursday Schedule

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Date Time AwayTeam AwayScore HomeTeam HomeScore
Sportsworld Twin Pad
Thursday Sept 12 6:00 PM Devils Pops & Rubys
6:15 PM Canadiens Morning Sherwoods
7:15 PM Vertex Kings The Fourth Line
8:00 PM 4 Stars Crimson Storm
9:00 PM Stinky Sharks RJ Trucks
9:15 PM Spare Parts Velocity Mechanical
11:00 PM Masters HC Kentain Dog Soldiers
Activa Sportsplex 10:15 PM The Bishops Golden Seals
Sportsworld Twin Pad
Thursday Sept 19 6:00 PM Golden Seals Shockers
7:00 PM The Bishops RJ Trucks
7:15 PM Kentain Dog Soldiers Masters HC
8:15 PM Velocity Mechanical Spare Parts
9:00 PM Crimson Storm Stinky Sharks
9:15 PM 4 Stars Canadiens
10:15 PM The Fourth Line Vertex Kings
Activa Sportsplex 10:15 PM Morning Sherwoods Devils
Sportsworld Twin Pad
Thursday Sept 26 6:00 PM Masters HC 4 Stars
6:15 PM Stinky Sharks The Fourth Line
7:00 PM Canadiens Velocity Mechanical
8:00 PM Spare Parts Golden Seals
8:15 PM Shockers Kentain Dog Soldiers
10:15 PM RJ Trucks Pops & Rubys
11:00 PM Devils Vertex Kings
Activa Sportsplex 11:15 PM Morning Sherwoods The Bishops
Sportsworld Twin Pad
Thursday Oct 3 6:00 PM Vertex Kings Crimson Storm
7:00 PM Pops & Rubys Morning Sherwoods
8:00 PM Canadiens Kentain Dog Soldiers
8:15 PM Masters HC Devils
9:00 PM The Bishops The Fourth Line
9:15 PM RJ Trucks Shockers
11:00 PM Velocity Mechanical Golden Seals
Activa Sportsplex 11:15 PM 4 Stars Spare Parts